BQK18F Series NC Spindle-less Veneer Rotary Lathe

BQK18F Series NC Spindle less Veneer Peeling Lathe is the economic type veneer rotary lathe for veneer peeling section; it adopts NC system and screw roll to control the feeding accuracy, in order to ensure the veneer thickness tolerance.

MF450 Semi-automatic Edge Bander

MF450 Semi-automatic edge bander can be used for sealing the edge of man-made board like plywood, particle boar and MDF; the tape material can be PVE, paper and veneer

PFA16″ Multi-function Woodworking Machine

MASN Industrial offers heavy duty type PFA16" multi use woodworking machine ; which is the ideal tools for the small carpentry industry.

MF2718C Universal Tools Sharpener

MF2718C Universal knife grinder can be used for grinding the saw blade, knife, cutter block, drill and router bits etc.

MM2215 Hand Press Sander

MM2215 Hand stroke sander is the ideal tools for furniture making industry; it can be used for the face sanding of man-made board.

MB16″ European Thickness Planer

MB16" thickness planer is the newest European type woodworking thicknesser, the full machine design is accorded with ergonomics.

MX507 Profile Copy Router

MX 507 Profile copy router can achieve edge cutting, engraving, boring function with the special cutting tools; it is ideal tools for carpentry.

ML393D Versatile Woodworking Machine

ML393D universal woodworking machine which is popular in Africa, East Europa and South-east Asia, to the customers; it is the ideal tools for carpentry industrial

MS42A Double Rows Boring Machine

MZ7221A Double rows boring machine can be used to boring holes on the edge of the man-made board (like particle board and MDF);

MX5117BL Wood Shaper

MX5117BL wood spindle shaper can achieve wood or MDF edge profile cutting and milling to get the different shape;