MS42B Double Heads Multi Boring Machine

MZ7221B Double rows boring machine from MASN Industrial, which can do the level and terminal face boring processing

MFZ450E Automatic Edge Bander

MFZ450E Automatic edge bander can be used for sealing the edge of man-made board, main functions as: gluing, end cutting, fine trimming, scraping, buffing and groving.

MF525A Profile Edge Bander

MF525A profile edge banding machine can be used for sealing the edge of man-made board like plywood, particle boar and MDF; the tape material can be PVE, paper and veneer

ML393A Multi Functions Woodworking Machine

MASN Industrial provides ML393A universal woodworking machine which is popular in Kenya, East Europa and South-east Asia, to the customers

MM2215 Hand Press Sander

MM2215 Hand stroke sander is the ideal tools for furniture making industry; it can be used for the face sanding of man-made board.

WP580 Wood Slotting Machine

WP580 is the newest wood slotting machine which is developed by MASN Industrial; full body adopts cast iron parts to ensure the working stability; it is the ideals tools for small carpentry.

MB504 Heavy Duty Surface Planer

MB504 Heavy Duty surface jointer from MASN Industrial, adopts the Italian advance design to make the accurate jointer; the machine with more advantages, like: stable structure, easy and safe operation etc.

MS42A Double Rows Boring Machine

MZ7221A Double rows boring machine can be used to boring holes on the edge of the man-made board (like particle board and MDF);