MB16″ European Thickness Planer

MB16" thickness planer is the newest European type woodworking thicknesser, the full machine design is accorded with ergonomics.

MJ6132TY Sliding Table Saw

MJ6132TY Sliding table saw can be used for cutting solid wood board, plywood, particle board, MDF, ABS board and PVC board etc.

MF525A Profile Edge Bander

MF525A profile edge banding machine can be used for sealing the edge of man-made board like plywood, particle boar and MDF; the tape material can be PVE, paper and veneer

ST48-2 Size Trimming Saw

ST48-2 Size trimming saw (D. D Saw) is the auxiliary machine for door making and board making industrial; it adopts the movable trolley and infrared ray to achieve automatic size trimming.

BQK18F Series NC Spindle-less Veneer Rotary Lathe

BQK18F Series NC Spindle less Veneer Peeling Lathe is the economic type veneer rotary lathe for veneer peeling section; it adopts NC system and screw roll to control the feeding accuracy, in order to ensure the veneer thickness tolerance.