About Us

MASN Industrial (Weihai) Co., Ltd.  a manufacturing and exporting integrated company ( partner company ) in the field of woodworking machine (solid wood and panel board processing) and cutting tools etc, has been in these field for more than 10 years and founded its own brand ‘MASN’, ‘WTS’ and ‘CXMAC’; our location is the east coast city of China-Weihai.

Started with only woodworking machine and industrial tools of several categories, today, our exporting products cover many kinds and types. Target markets include South-east Asia, South Asia, Middle East, East Europe, South America and Africa. Adhering to ‘Inspire The Productivity’, we utilize modern technology in manufacturing process and perfect sales service, more and more MASN machines and tools have got good reputation in the target market.

In 2012,  we start the partner relationship with MUSTFA CLAN in Ethiopia, mainly for various kinds woodworking machine, tools and other kinds of cargoes; in 2013 we start the partner relationship with WOOD TECH SOLUTION (big dealer in Bangladesh), which is the leading consult for wood carpentry industry, now we both specialize in wood industry solution offer, like solid wood and panel board furniture industry, sawmills, plywood mills and so on.

Nowadays we have extended our business to more and more fields, not only offer the high quality products to our customers and partners, also did some purchasing and goods inspection service to them.