News release centre of MASN Industrial–professional industrial solution provider from China; will release the fresh news about the company, the production and our solution ect.

For production and solution, you will find the some videos and drawing of our project, like: finger joint line, paper lamination line, veneer peeling line etc.

06Nov 2015
website-screenshot of masn industrial

Welcome to the new website of MASN Industrial–we are the top leading industry solution supplier; can offer you the perfessional of wood industry, furnitur industry and cement fiber board mills etc. If you wanna get more information about our production and our service, please check our details; if you have any inquiry, please feel free […]

09Nov 2015

Finger joint line is the most important section of wood furniture making industry; it can increase the timber using ratio; according to the processing flow, the finger jointing line can be manual one, semi-automatic one and automatic one. We are herewith introducing the automatic finger joint line to you guys: