Veneer Peeling Lathe

Veneer peeling lathe is the most important equipment for the plywood mills, it can be used to peel the face and core veneer; according to the different structure, it can be spindle veneer rotary lathe, spindle less veneer peeling lathe, compound veneer rotary lathe (spindle and spindle less ) and veneer peeling lathe with clipper etc. Normally the spindle less veneer peeling lathe be used to peeling core veneer.

MASN Industrial will offer the veneer rotary lathe according to your requirement; we can achieve the final core from spindle less veneer peeling lathe, as 20mm diameter; also can do the high automatic veneer peeling machine with pure NC control system: from log skin barking to the veneer stacking. If you have requirement, please don`t hesitate to contact us, we will offer you the perfect solution.